kata macramé quartz necklace

$278.00 USD

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The Kata style necklaces are named for the Japanese concept "kata", choreographed movements that practiced over time leading to mastery. The Kata Necklace features a double terminated quartz crystal bound in leather with custom Argentium silver findings and a leather lace necklace.

Current varieties available: citrine quartz, rose quartz, ametrine quartz.

Macramé and knot tying are longstanding techniques in jewelry making and fiber arts that require patience and meticulous skills that are often overlooked. FMMTJ's goal with the many iterations of this style of pendant is to bring a modern perspective to old traditions.

Drawing inspiration from various knot-tying arts such as macramé, Chinese knot tying, and shibari, the patterns formed have many iterations and take into consideration the features of each stone they bind.

Each FMMTJ piece is handmade using natural materials that will all have their own personalities - imperfections in stones and leather are welcome here. They are not considered flaws and do not compromise the durability of the design. To learn more about how to care for your jewelry and the materials please visit our INFO page.