How to care for your jewelry:

Do not wear in water such as in the shower or while swimming. If it happens to get wet dry it immediately with a soft towel and let it dry in a cool place away from the sun and direct heat. 

Store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight and heat to keep silver from tarnishing and leather from drying out. The packaging of your piece includes anti-tarnish paper - this inside a sealed bag with the piece will suffice! Handle it with clean dry hands and clean it regularly.

Cleaning tarnished silver is easy - just use a silver polishing cloth to wipe off any unwanted yellowing. Crystals can be wiped down with a soft cloth as well. Do not soak in liquid jewelry cleaners. This will damage the leather, certain minerals and integrity of the piece. Some common things that can cause tarnishing; humidity, salt, oils, perfume, and cosmetics. 

If your piece needs some extra TLC or repairs, please send a photograph of the piece to for further assistance.


The metal elements used in most of the crystal necklaces are casted in NYC using Argentium silver.

Argentium silver is comprised of 93.5% silver (Ag) and is similar to sterling silver, but some of the copper alloy is replaced with germanium (Ge). Because of this is has a whiter and brighter color. It is also nickel-free. Argentium silver is made using 100% recycled sterling silver which reduces the amount of energy needed to refine silver ore by 95% and also the pollution caused by mining.

There are also gold, sterling silver, and brass components in some designs. Each piece has a clear description of what is used in its listing, but feel free to send an e-mail if you are unsure. Silver and gold metals are nickel-free, but certain brass elements may contain trace amounts.

Leather components are genuine and vegetable dyed, lending to unique finishes and duribility. The laces and cords may seem stiff at first, but over time and wear they will soften.